Handheld transmitter
TG 500H-D Handheld transmitter with dynamic TG V50 capsule

Pilot Tone Function

The pilot tone prevents noise and assures user-friendly handling. The TG 500 wireless system uses the pilot tone to identify a correct signal for improved interference-free transmission and to transmit a low battery warning as well as the audio mute information to the receiver.

Infrared Synchronization

The settings of the transmitter can easily be done at the receiver and are quickly transferred by infrared synchronization to the transmitter.

120 m Range*

With a range of up to 120 meters *(line of sight), TG 500 offers much more freedom than similar systems.

10 h Battery Operation

With a battery operation of 10 hours there is no need for concern regarding extensive encores or longer events.

No battery change required

The handheld and beltpack transmitters can be operated with standard NiMH batteries and charged with the optionally available charger (WA-CD).


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