Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a collection of frequently asked questions with TG 1000 and the appropriate answers and solutions.

Important: First of all check if the firmware is up-to-date on all receivers and transmitters. If not, please complete a firmware upgrade (see instructions).

Why does the old Chameleon software still appear after re-accessing the receiver via the network despite a firmware upgrade?
Why are not all receivers displayed in the Chameleon Software? How do I correct the order of the receivers displayed in the Chameleon Software?
Why does the frequency scan stop after some time?
The Chameleon software runs slowly or the displays are delayed
I can no longer access the Chameleon software of my TG 1000 receiver. The message “Error 403 Forbidden“is displayed.
How can I recognise if a TG1000 channel is disturbed?
Can I use several transmitters simultaneously on one receiver channel?
Why does the receiver not respond when pressing the buttons/encoder?
What does the message “Versions Error” mean?
Why are the receivers not displayed correctly with the Chameleon software under Windows 7?
Why does the TG 1000 system lose the network connectivity after changing the network settings?
Why is the battery level not displayed correctly?
Why can I not turn off the handheld or beltpack transmitter?
When do I need an antenna splitter?
Which antennae should I use?
Why is the displayed RF level too low and / or why do I hear "pops"?
What can I do, if the TG 1000 system does not output any audio signal?
Why does the receiver display an RF level even though there is no transmitter turned on?
The synchronisation of transmitters and receivers is not working
Why does the red Sync LED on the receiver illuminate?