Dual receiver

A new standard in user-friendliness.

Intuitive OneButton Navigation.
CrystalClear Display with magnificent readability.

TG 1000 is the ideal wireless system for businesses around the world. It´s wireless transmission signal features advanced digital encryption to keep your meetings totally secure. To ensure ease of use, TG 1000 features OneButton Navigation and the intuitive Chameleon Software which is already installed on the receiver.


Dante Digital Networking over Ethernet

TG 1000 has a Dante interface and can be seamlessly integrated into digital audio networks. Using standard IP networks and Ethernet cabling, Dante makes it possible to connect multiple rooms and spaces together with one fully networked audio system. A safely and reliable audio transmission is scalable from simple installations to large-capacity networks running thousands of audio channels. The digital audio network transmits high-quality and uncompressed audio over long distances with near-zero latency. With Dante software, the network can be easily managed, controlled and reconfigured.

Dante™ is a trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd.

OneButton Navigation

Intuitive handling through OneButton Navigation – no more struggling through multiple menus.

Excellent Sound Quality

Finest audio quality is ensured by a trend-setting low latency and high error resilience.

Digital Encryption Technology

TG 1000 comes equipped with digital encryption technology as standard – perfect for confidential use.

12-Channel Cascading

Cascade up to 12 channels without using an external splitter.

CrystalClear Display

Using a OLED display, TG 1000 offers highest contrast and crystal clear readability from every angle.

Monitor & Control

The easy-to-use Chameleon Software runs on any device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) and operating system (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android etc.) without installation. All you need is an Ethernet interface and a web browser.

Safe long-term investment

Wireless systems are victims of unpredictable frequency changes. Compared to our competitors, TG 1000 is a safe long-term investment. Its bandwidth (470–789 MHz)* is due to set a benchmark in the wireless market.
*Note: For Australian use Region C is only distributed due to local requirements (520 - 694 MHz).


TG 1000 Dual Receiver

front tg1000 rack aufsicht 1 1 1 - beyerdynamic - Microphones - Wireless microphones - TG 1000 - front tg1000 rack aufsicht 1 1 1 - Distributed by Syntec

TG 1000 Dual Receiver, Region C

Digital UHF True Diversity Receiver, 319 MHz bandwidth…
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TG 1000 Dual Receiver - beyerdynamic - Microphones - Wireless microphones - TG 1000 - TG 1000 Dual Receiver - Distributed by Syntec

TG 1000 Dual Receiver

TG 1000 is beyerdynamic’s first 24-bit digital wireless system, which covers an impressive 319 MHz of the UHF bandwidth (470 - 789 MHz).

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